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resilient destinations foundation

Resilient Destinations Foundation is being incorporated as a not-for-profit company to co- create Climate Resilient and Climate Responsible Destinations with multi-sectoral partnerships in Tourism, Development and Humanitarian sectors. RDF aims to repurpose and adapt existing assets and skill-sets in these sectors towards improving community resilience to the existing or future impacts of climate change and work towards building responsible, safe, liveable spaces and sustainable livelihoods that leave a low-carbon footprint and are energy efficient.

Our mission is to devise transformative ways to address the climate crisis, by partnering with communities and shaping hyper local action.


Be it in India or any other country, impacts of global warming and climate crisis are becoming more visible in day to day lives of communities and operations of industries including tourism. While global initiatives including the Glasgow Declaration 2021 are laying down a framework to make the travel industry more climate responsible, RDF is envisioning a destination/ community/ industry which is both responsible and resilient through multi-sectoral engagement (especially Tourism, Development and Humanitarian sectors).

Building mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions through local actions and behavioural changes facilitate a climate responsible destination. This is achieved through real-time monitoring, analysis mapping, visualisation, reporting and preparation of business plans where vulnerabilities are transformed into opportunities for entrepreneurship and better livelihood options. Bringing together international organisations, academia and UN agencies working in climate resilience space will further add value to the ongoing and future initiatives


  • Addressing Global Climate Change through local solutions

  • Enhancing community/industry resilience to climate change through science based hyper-local strategies

  • Measure, monitor and offset destination carbon footprint through local actions towards building climate responsibility

  • Inclusive & integrated approach linking tourism, development & humanitarian sectors for repurposing tools and skill sets during crises.

  • Support and enhance low-carbon and sustainable local livelihood opportunities.

  • Re-imagining tourism in the context of evolving climate emergency.


  • Building partnerships - Identify partners from varied sectors - community, institutions, academia, administrative, financial, tourism etc.
    Identify potential Destinations with strong community initiatives - set up model CRCRDs in different topographies.

  • Document and record local changes and impacts of climate change
    Design training modules/ toolkits, conduct trainings, workshops and conferences

  • Conduct research and field studies to assess the

  • vulnerabilities, resource use and livelihood potentials

  • Set up hyper-local weather-resource monitoring and

  • warning systems with active community involvement to

  • improve resilience and enhance emergency response

  • Create tools and web/mobile platforms to visualise, monitor and reduce carbon footprint towards building responsible destinations

  • Develop innovative solutions and strategies for addressing challenges in implementing climate resilient and climate responsible destinations

  • Implement target oriented action plans
    Protect and enhance local biodiversity - adding value to tourism

  • Repurpose facilities during disasters
    Institute fellowships, grants and awards to promote best practices and solutions

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