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climate resilient & climate responsible destinations

bringing tourism, development & humanitarian sectors together

repurposing tourism industry to support humanitarian sector

Whatever that's needed for a humanitarian agency to respond to a crisis can mostly be found in destinations where tourism thrives. between an airport to airport service,tourism industry manages transportation, logistics, supply chain, accommodation, food and beverage and most importantly, highly skilled human resources. 

How can we start a dialogue between 27 billion USD humanitarian sector and an 8 trillion USD tourism sector so that they can build a mutually beneficial symbiotic system.?

Science based - livelihood linked solutions

We co-design solutions with communities by integrating local knowledge with scientific understanding,  enhancing/ creating sustainable livelihoods in the process.

Multi-sectoral partnerships

we bring together tourism, development and humanitarian sectors to work in hyper local level

Hyper local action

We address global climate change and its local impacts through committed local strategies that are based on community sourced climate and resource use data. Our hyper-local solutions are geared towards co-creating Climate Resilient and Climate Responsible Destinations.

Behavioural approach to resource conservation

We approach resource conservation, energy efficiency and system resilience through behaviourally informed interventions

Want to be part of solutions. But don't know where to start?

A destination / community that is not resilient to climate change, will find it difficult to over come the impacts of ensuing natural and man made disasters. Building this capacity is possible only through multi-sectoral partnerships. From private sector to Governments to civil society, the process is long and it's expensive. 

Would access to hyper local weather forecasting help a business or a destination to take decisions quick? Would access to locally available skills tourism and development sector save money for humanitarian sectors ?

Our Partners

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can local innovations be scaled up and replicated elsewhere?

Crisis nurtures innovation. If a destination is frequently under onslaught of climate change induced disasters, how often can they bounce back ? Where are the communities or destinations going to find the resources?

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